Welcome to NTP Gelatine Pvt. Ltd.

NTP Gelatine Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held company registered in Pakistan. The plant is situated on G.T. Road, 25 kilometres from Lahore, the second biggest city in the country. This facility was built in 1957 to manufacture technical gelatine using bovine hides from the group’s hide and leather business. Later on a separate production line was installed for producing ossein from bovine bones. In 1993 a master plan was drawn up to develop this facility to switch over to the manufacture of edible and pharmaceutical grade gelatine. A new tunnel drier replaced the old drying system in 1997. All outdated infrastructure & utilities were eventually updated. By the year 1999 the company had entered the edible gelatine market in Pakistan and the international market two years later.

Today the company exports more than 90% of production to customers in Europe, South Asia and the Far East for use in edible and pharmaceutical applications.